Boarding Service in Alpharetta, GA

At Alpharetta Animal Hospital, all of our boarding facility is indoor and climate controlled. For your dog, we offer large, individual runs, as well as individual outdoor exercise areas. Dogs are taken outside several times a day. A separate cat boarding area allows for a quieter, less stressful stay for your cat.

We welcome any pet food from home in a small, sealed plastic container with enough food for their visit or individually packaged and portioned in zip-lock baggies. Unfortunately, we are unable to accommodate RAW diets. Please leave your dog's bedding at home as we provide bedding which is washed daily. Also, please leave all chew toys, stuffed animals, raw-hides etc... at home. Your pet is so busy watching us go about the busy day it won't be missed. If your pet is on medication, please bring it in the prescribed bottle. Don't place medication in with food as sometimes your pet does not eat when they should and we don't want them to miss their medicine.

When making travel plans, please call ahead to make boarding reservations to ensure a space for your pet.

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After Hours

All patients are seen during weekdays on an appointment basis. Saturdays are exclusively for boarding drop off/ pick up

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