Grooming Service in Alpharetta, GA

No matter what your pet’s grooming needs are, we at Alpharetta Animal Hospital are equipped to handle them all. From a fluffy poodle to a short-haired Labrador Retriever, we can make your pet’s hair coat shine! We also do special request hairdos and can brush out even the most stubborn mats.


At Alpharetta Animal Hospital, we offer bathing Monday through Friday. In order to serve you and your pet best, we recommend dropping your dog or cat off with us before 10:00 am. Ear cleaning, nail trim, and anal gland expression are included in every bath.


For full service grooming, our groomer Joye Farnsworth works by appointment only Monday through Friday. Joye has been a part of Alpharetta Animal Hospital for over 15 years. Because she is so popular, we recommend setting an appointment well in advance as she can book up 3-4 weeks out. Just call the main number and ask to speak with Joye!

The Benefits Of Grooming

There are many benefits of grooming, from appearance to coat health include:

  • Appearance
  • Coat Evaluation
  • Eyes and Ears
  • Nail Trim

What age can a pet be groomed?

12-16 weeks of age. Even if your pet does not need a full groom, this is the best age to get your pet used to the clippers and other procedures involved in a full grooming.

How often should my pet be groomed?

Our groomers will be happy to set up a schedule with you based on your pet’s needs. On average, groomable breeds should be groomed at 4-8 week intervals. Regular grooming helps your pet’s skin and coat stay healthy while preventing unwanted matting.

Can my pet be groomed and see a veterinarian on the same day?

Most veterinary procedures, such as updating vaccines or investigating health concerns, can be completed at our Hospital is Alpharetta Animal Hospitall the same day your pet is groomed with us.

How do you charge for grooms?

We have a base price for all breeds, but prices for individual pets may vary depending on their size, breed, cut, and coat condition as well as their temperament. There are additional fees for excessive brush-out or dematting.

To get a grooming estimate for both small and large breed dogs, please contact us at (770) 475-7613 and ask about the breed specific pricing

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All patients are seen during weekdays on an appointment basis. Saturdays are exclusively for boarding drop off/ pick up

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