Pet Ear Surgery In Alpharetta, GA

  • We are able to perform pet ear surgeries for our clients pets in need at Alpharetta Animal Hospital.
  • Getting help from a highly-rated pet surgeon in Alpharetta is the best way to help your fur baby.
  • Our Doctors are experienced pet surgeons who has preformed many ear surgeries.
  • We keep your pet feeling safe and comfortable throughout their entire appointment .

What’s the Technical Name for Dog or Cat Ear Surgery?

Ear hematomas can be a common problem in cats and dogs, especially in those with floppy ears. These hematomas are pockets of blood that form inside the ear flap due to damage to the blood vessels. If left untreated, the blood can cause the ear flap to become thick and distorted, leading to potential infections and further complications. Treatment for ear hematomas typically involves draining the blood and then stitching the ear flap to prevent the blood from re-accumulating. It is important to address ear hematomas promptly, as delay in treatment can lead to chronic ear problems and unnecessary pain for the animal.

How We Support You:

  • Full Ear Exam Under Sedation for Candidacy
  • Compassionate Care From a Loving Team
  • The Latest Technology Used to Perform a TECA Surgery
  • Affordable Treatment Costs

What Aftercare Is Required Following a Pet Ear Surgery in Alpharetta?

Most pets need to wear a plastic collar until the wound has healed. We will provide a course of antibiotics to reduce the risk of infection as well as painkillers to help with your loved ones discomfort. We do advise not to have any beach days until the wound is healed which could take anywhere from 10-14 days.

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Ear Surgery is scary enough if they were for you. It can be even more scary for you if your pet needs it. Call us today at (770) 475-7613 for more information and options. We want to help you make the decision with all the information possible so it’s less scary.

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